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Proposed Virtual Event

Jason Pi
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We are planning a virtual event soon.  Hoping to update information in this thread!  Stay tuned!

RRG Jeff, mike and johnny liked
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Awesome!! 😀 

RRG Jeff
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Posted by: @jason-pi

We are planning a virtual event soon.  Hoping to update information in this thread!  Stay tuned!

Yea looking forward to working with the group to get one of these setup. Could become a recurring thing outside of the meetups. 

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Hey guys I got the base rules done.


Virtual Trade night rules


  1. Everyone who is participating in the trade night needs to have a least two references from either trade group if doing a mail trade.  If doing a safe in person pick up none would be needed. I figured this would be a safe way to help folks feel more comfortable doing mail trades. 
  2. If you are interested in an item, you must let the item holder know by sending them a private message.  
  3. Buyers pay before before items are shipped 
  4. Sellers have 48 hours to ship
  5. If two parties doing a straight across trade both sides have 48 hours to send their traded items. 
  6. People who are interested in the trade event will post their items for trade in one of the pinned “hype” threads  before the event. 
  7. The event will be hosted in a virtual chat room and I will be trying my best to make sure everybody from both groups is present! 
  8. To share items in the virtual chat night, each person will sign up to share . It will be first come first, first serve for time slots. 
  9. Each person  will prepare ten items from their photos to share. Hopefully, everybody will be able to share something. 
  10. When not sharing mic will be on mute until everyone has shared. 
  11. Conditions of items must be disclosed before trades are finalized. 
  12. The groups and admins are not responsible for any transaction. 
  13.  Board pictures and noting the condition of items has to be presented from the beginning of the presentation of the item.