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Wireless Arcade Controller

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Playing games like Super Mario and PacMan defined the childhoods of many. With the new wireless and digital age, it is difficult to relive that simpler time. Building a bulky arcade system is difficult and expensive. The Wireless Arcade Controller makes travelling back in time seamless and easy so you can play with no hassle. Dust off your old windows machine and dedicate it as a MAME game controller!

The Wireless Arcade Controller is USB compatible and uses HID protocol so that it works just like a keyboard! This controller is CPU agnostic so that it works the same across all platforms-- Windows, Mac, Linux, Raspberrian, etc. Just map the keystrokes to your favorite game and away you go! With its low bandwidth and zero-latency, gaming from the comfort of your couch is quick and easy with little-to-no delay. This controller is great for games from packs like Atari 5200 and Nintendo 64! This sleek product comes with the console box, a joystick, various buttons, a dongle, the software and electronic components required.

If this is something you might be interested in, check out our demo video here: visit our Kickstarter page here: .