Bio – Evan Welty

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Evan Welty

Beginning my collection with my father’s Atari and NES games from his childhood, I quickly began building my own collection with a strong start. Seeing how the video game industry directly affected my life and its place in history, I found myself enthralled with every aspect of video games and the communities around them. I primarily focus my interests on early and unique consoles, as well as rarer titles. 

After completing my Sega Game Gear collection and nearing the end of my Atari 5200 complete in-box collection, I have shifted my focus to vintage video game merchandise such as clothing, toys, and promotional items from the 70s and 80s. Video game collecting has been a major part of over half of my life, even leading me to pursue an engineering degree and inspiring me to create a book sharing promotional and merchandising items. I enjoy learning and sharing history, saving pieces through restoration, and pursuing rare and obscure items. 

While I currently mainly play modern consoles, I am always hunting for items I have yet to add to my collection. I am always willing to help authenticate items, give advice, and share some of the obscure items I have collected over the last decade. I have been fortunate enough to gather a ton of information relating to a variety of consoles from a large variety of sources, some of which, unfortunately, are impossible to access anymore.

 If I am set up to sell at an event, you’ll likely find a variety of vintage video games, toys, and clothing. Always feel free to reach out to me on Facebook or on Instagram @ETWelty (personal account) and/or @etcvtg (vintage clothing account).