Interested in becoming a sponsor or sponsoring a particular event?

We’re always looking for sponsors for our events. You can reach a large audience of dedicated, gaming, and geek fanatics’ through our events. We can promote your brand or business in many different ways. Your brand or business can be front and center in email blasts, social media posts, event flyers, our websites, in-person signage at events, videos, and more!

These are our standard sponsorship tiers, however, we can customize an exclusive partnership catered to your exact needs and goals. Sponsorships can be for single events or for the entire year.


  • Exclusivity for Up To 4 RRG Events
  • Company name and logo incorporated into event name for all advertising and promotional purposes, including all print advertising, radio spots (if applicable), posters/postcards, event program, website, social channels, event video, T-Shirts (if applicable)
  • Large banners placed around the event site (sponsor to provide)
  • 30-second promotional spot to be projected on the screens and/or over our on-site sound system. (sponsor to provide promotional video)
  • Prime placement on website, event page, and digital marketing materials
  • 25 Event Tickets (if applicable)


  • Company logo prominently displayed in all advertising digital and print.
  • Company name, links, and logos, on all digital marketing campaigns, website, and social channels
  • 15-second promotional spot can be projected on the screens or over our on-site sound system. (sponsor to provide promotional spot/copy)
  • Large banners placed around the event site (sponsor to provide)
  • 15 Events Tickets (if applicable)


  • Large company logo displayed on the RRG homepage and event page
  • Company social channels and website promoted through digital advertising
  • Eblast with company name, logo, and link to our network
  • Company name, logo, and link mentioned on RRG social channels up to 5 times before event


  • Logo and link to sponsor’s website displayed on the official event page.
  • Company name mentioned in up to 2 times on RRG social channels
  • Small logo and link on event page

For more information and to plan the perfect partnership for your brand, business, or event please contact us! We look forward to speaking with you.