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Interested in becoming a vendor?

We are excited you found Raleigh Retro Gamers! We are always looking for new vendors! We host multiple types of events, like pop-up markets, expos, gaming/esports tournaments, and other gaming-related experiences. We market our events to the general public, and through our database of thousands of local gamers, collectors, and geek fanatics. We host indoor and outdoor events across the Triangle in North Carolina. The events vary in size and are based on the venue’s capacity and available space.

Why should I become a vendor?

Raleigh Retro Gamers has built a large community of retro & modern gamers, collectors, and other geek-related fanatics. Our mission is to amplify the gaming and geek culture communities in and around North Carolina. We curated the ideal target market for individuals and businesses who want to showcase their products, merchandise, and goods & services to gaming and geek-related crowds. We not only give you the opportunity to get out in front of this audience in person but we also showcase your business through our marketing efforts to thousands of potential customers. We believe in partnering with you to drive brand awareness and sales.

What types of vendors are you looking for?

  • Anything retro or modern gaming related. Video games, consoles, merchandise, etc
  • Vintage toys, pop-culture collectibles, vintage clothing etc
  • Gaming-related art, crafts, food, handmade, etc
  • Gaming-related software companies, developers, designers
  • Game stores, and any gaming-related business
  • Any geek-related vendors, comics, pop-culture related
  • Gaming-related clothes, shoes, hats
  • Board games, card-based games, Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh
  • Promotional vendors ex: Red Bull, Rockstar, etc
  • Retro pop culture misc like: electronics, collectibles, clothes, etc
  • Services, products, or experiences that relate to gaming or geek-related culture
  • Food trucks

Vendor Frequently Asked Questions?

What types of vendors are not allowed?

  • MLM vendors, Non-gaming or geek-related vendors, knock-off or reproduction products, and vendors who don’t align with our event goals. (We do make exceptions to the non-gaming/geek-related product or service if it applies to our consumers in general. If you are unsure you can still fill out an application and we’ll let you know if we can accept you or not)

How much does it cost to be a vendor?

The cost to be a vendor varies depending on the venue and the size of the event. Please see below the price for specific events: 

Ready to get started?