Vendor FAQ

Vendor Frequently Asked Questions

  • Anything retro or modern gaming related. Video games, consoles, merchandise, etc
  • Vintage toys, pop-culture collectibles, etc
  • Gaming-related art, crafts, food, handmade, etc
  • Gaming-related software companies, developers, designers
  • Game stores, and any gaming-related business
  • Any geek-related vendors, comics, pop-culture related
  • Gaming, retro, vintage or geek-related clothes, shoes, hats
  • Board games, card-based games, Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh
  • Promotional vendors ex: Red Bull, Rockstar, etc
  • Retro pop culture misc like: electronics, collectibles, clothes, etc
  • Services, products, or experiences that relate to gaming or geek-related culture
  • Food trucks

We are making updates to our vendor selection process starting January 1st, 2024.  We start accepting/reviewing vendors for an event the same day we announce it publicly on the website and social channels. So follow our channels and make sure you have updates turned on. The way we select vendors is a combination of who signs up and who is on our preferred vendor list. If you are a returning vendor you may be on the preferred list because we have already vetted you and have seen you in action at our events. New vendors will need to fill out a FULL app so we can determine if you are a fit. We used to send out emails to our preferred vendor list before each market. This was before we had 100s of returning vendors. We still keep a preferred list of vendors who have been with us for a while and whom we get great feedback about, and those vendors may receive an invite before new and returning vendors.

However, we want to make sure our attendees have a variety of gaming and geek vendors as well as new vendors at each market. With that being said we are a gaming market first. The geek-related vendors are dear to us, but that market has become very crowded and we can only choose so many vendors for each event, whether they be gaming or geek-related. We do not charge to submit an application like a lot of other vendor markets. This means we get tons of vendor applications we have to sort through. Please know that we do value each and every one of you, and if we could, we would accept everyone who fits the gaming and geek criteria. However, each market can only have so many vendors.  So please bear with us and if you are not chosen just know there will be other opportunities.

The vendor fee is based on the event size and venue.  Some venues charge more than others so that dictates the price. However, we try and stay competitive and work with venues to keep the fees as low as we can. Typically most events range from $50-$125 per space.  However, we do host events that are FREE to vend at. We make sure to inform vendors if it’s a FREE or paid event.  

As of January 1st 2024, all vendors participating in a RRG market MUST have a tax id, no expectations. This is the law in NC. Businesses and Individuals who are selling taxable goods at retail should have a tax id, if you do not have a tax ID you can get one for free online by visiting NCDOR.  It’s the individual’s or business’s sole responsibility to report any taxable income to the IRS and NCDOR and to learn about tax regulations in the City and State you are selling in. By applying to be a vendor you will be asked to provide your tax ID.

We typically review all applications within a week of receiving them. If you have applied please allow at least that amount of time for a response. If you do not hear from us it may be because we are full, we have other vendors who were selected over you, or you were not a fit for this particular event. However, we do keep you on our potential vendor mailing list and send out other opportunities as they arrive.  We keep all your information confidential and we never sell, share, or distribute your information to anyone else. 

This completely depends on the event and venue. We do not provide anything but space for vendors unless otherwise stated. 

It’s recommended vendors have the following:
– table and tablecloth
– chair(s)
– card reader and change
– tent and tent weights (if outdoor event)

In most locations we choose, power and wifi is available. However, it is not guaranteed and depending on the venue might come at an extra cost. Those things will be explained and addressed in the vendor invitation email you receive once we’ve approved your application. So you can make the decision whether to continue to vend for that event and it’s addressed before you pay the vendor fee.

Once we have reviewed your application and decided to accept you for an event, we’ll send you an invitation to be a vendor email. That email will outline more information about that particular event and go into more details that the vendor would need to know. There will also be a link in that email to pay your vendor fee online or we’ll send you an invoice.

Note: You are not an official vendor for an event until you have paid the vendor fee.  We suggest paying that as soon as possible to secure your spot. Because we may accept multiple vendors and if space is limited those who pay first will secure their spot. Once the event is fully booked that link will no longer work and you will not be able to vend at that event even if you already received an invite. So time is of the essence once you receive an email to vend. 

Generally speaking yes. If for some reason we have to limit the amount of space per vendor we will notify you. 

The vendor fee is used to cover the costs associated with the event. This includes marketing, advertising, venue fees, signage, insurance, taxes, staff, and other costs associated with the event. It’s our job to ensure the event is well publicized so people attend and can buy your products or services! We put a great deal of time and effort into organizing and promoting every event. Advertising is not cheap!

Yes, if the event date is more than 30 days away. Vendor fees are non-refundable if within 30 days of the event date.  The amount of vendors we book for each event is calculated based on our costs. Vendor fees go to the production of the event and if someone pulls out we usually do not have time to fill that vacancy which in turn affects our total costs. However, if the event has to be rescheduled or canceled due to acts of god, weather, or unforeseen circumstances you will be credited for a future event.

Your vendor fee buys you a 10×10 space at the event. (Space size may depend on the venue and we’ll inform you what the space is). We do not provide tables, tents, or setups. You are responsible for bringing everything you need to properly set up. Your fee also goes towards the promotion of the event which in turn promotes your business or brand!

We receive a lot of applications for each event. We carefully select each vendor based on many factors. We have to take into consideration the venue size, the event theme, and the type of vendors we need. We also have to factor in the public and want to make sure they have a nice selection of vendors. Our events are a niche market so we have to be selective and make sure each vendor we choose is right for the event. If you are not chosen it may not mean you would not be a fit for the event but we may have already accepted others similar to you and we don’t have space left. But rest assured we keep your info on file and send out opportunities to all potential vendors when future events are being booked. 

One of the main things we look for in vendors is a professional web presence. This means you have an updated website, or social media page(s), and clearly show the products or services you sell that relate to the gaming or geek culture. Extra consideration is given to those who have photos of being in other markets so we can see an example of your setup. Also, if we can see you have helped promote similar events that you may or may not have been a part of. We want businesses and individuals who really want to be there and help promote the event! Positivity and enthusiasm on your application and social pages go a long way!

We promote our events to the general public as well as our community of gaming and geek-related fans. Our database consists of thousands of potential buyers who have signed up, followed, or expressed interest in gaming and geek-related events.  We send out eblasts, and promote heavily on social media, our website, local news organizations, our partner sites, as well as paid advertising spots across NC. We spend a lot of time on the promotion of our events and do everything within budget to make sure we have a successful turnout. 

We are happy to answer any questions you have. Please contact us using the contact form