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Kyle Castellon

My fondest memories that motivate my love of the retro gaming world and community is playing Metal Slug and King of Fighters on the neo geo arcade cabinet when I was 10 in the diner my family use to frequent Sunday mornings. The owner would give me a couple of quarters and I’d goto town! When home, I was playing the video games my parents were playing, mostly sega genesis, some nes and snes. And the evolved to n64, playing gamecube with the neighbors on my street, playstation, etc…

Aside from video games, i was always playing with my uncle’s and mom’s toys from the 70s. Gi joe action figures, he-man figures, those dc and marvel figures with the dolphin fin gloves… 6 million dollar man with the bionic eye you could look through, and the space ship that turned into an operating table… Forget it… Too much fun. Today I cherish and want to preserve these memories; share them with others. This is why the community is the thing I love most, more than the games and toys themselves! Sharing and hearing nostalgic memories with others gives those feels that drives the heart of this community. I’m primarily a sega and neo geo collector, though have a little bit of everything. If it’s a game, especially if it’s something gimmicky, I love it!

I love the technology as well as the history of the design and themes throughout the decades. I studied game design at wake tech, often take place in the global game jam competitions, and am a seasoned software engineer and project manager today. Specialty: if there is any areas of specialty I have in this space I’d say I’m exceptionally knowledgeable in video/audio up-scaling of retro games, console output compatibility, as well as the history of the consoles themselves. If there’s a tv you want to run an old console on and have it look and sound clean or “as you remember it”, I’m your guy!

 If you have questions about the community, have technical questions about playing retro games on today’s TV’s or just want to nerd out about nostalgic memories feel free to reach out or stop by and say hi at our next event!