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Will Smitka

Will Smitka has been involved in the retro gaming space ever since he bought a Super Nintendo in 2008, and it was all over from there. He has been collecting and playing retro games ever since and loves to share those experiences with as many people as possible. When Will isn’t at RRG events, he likes to make retro gaming content on his YouTube channel and complete mini-collection goals, like owning every Super Scope compatible game.

Having experience organizing LAN parties at East Carolina University, Will was the president of the ECU Gaming club from 2015-2016, which brought hundreds of college students to esports tournaments and meet ups. Nowadays, Will has been an early part of the RRG group and is dedicated to using his prior knowledge to help promote events, build up the RRG community, and bring people together for the love of gaming.

Will’s favorite games: Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, Resident Evil, Fallout: New Vegas, Guitar Hero III