Welcome to the Raleigh Game & Geek Expo

The Raleigh Game & Geek Expo is produced by Raleigh Retro Gamers. This event features 40+ vendors who sell gaming and geek-related merchandise, or are involved in the gaming and geek culture. During this event, we will be hosting an Esports tournament organized by Oak City Esports. This tournament consists of 7 modern games and will be played online (To play in the tournament you must have pre-registered online). The Expo also features 20+ gaming consoles from multiple eras of gaming FREE for you to enjoy. We hope you have fun, find some cool stuff, and bask in the nostalgia.  Game and Geek on!

Expo Map & Vendor Key

  1. Alphanie Artistry – Art & Face Painting
  2. Cassi Margus – Stickers, Enamel Pins, Art
  3. Kingdom Geekz – Geek Clothing, Movie Pop Culture
  4. Jellys Shop of Jewls – Pokémon Coasters, Jewelry, Posters
  5. Red Baran Creations – Geek & Gaming Merch, Keychains, Stress balls
  6. Trinity Crafts – Geek & Gaming Merch, Candles, Clothing, Sculptures
  7. GamerGoodies4U – Handmade Geek & Gaming Goods
  8. GreatSG Creations & Koda’s Magical Crafts – Perlers, Merch, Candles
  9. Kiefer Family – Gaming Art
  10. PURIZUMU LLC – Gaming Related Merch
  11. Boxuchan – Anime DVDs, Collectibles, TCG
  12. Geek’N’Out Toys – Anime Figures, Retro Games
  13. Mr Bean’s Toys – Vintage & Modern Toys, Collectibles, Pokémon
  14. Mike Stephens – Gaming, Retro & Modern Games, Consoles
  15. Hunter Finsel – Gaming, Retro & Modern Games, Consoles
  16. Retroid Games & Records – Retro Games, Consoles, Records
  17. Retroid Games & Records – Retro Games, Consoles, Records
  18. Austin Giles – Gaming, Retro Games, Consoles, Merch
  19. Loc Cao – TCG, Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh
  20. Loc Cao – TCG, Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh
  21. Chason Page – Gaming, Retro Games, Consoles, Merch
  22. James Parker – Gaming, Retro Games, Consoles, Signs, Tacos
  23. Stephen Hennessey – Gaming, Retro Games, Consoles
  24. Demy’s Comics & Collectibles – Comics, Anime, Figures, Cards, Merch
  25. DonMan’s Game Domain – Gaming, Retro Games, Consoles, Merch
  26. PE Mechanical Keyboards – Custom Keyboards For Computers
  27. Reserved
  28. SirCastleTeees – Custom Controllers, Custom Shoes, 3D Art
  29. Donald Paris – Gaming, Retro Games, Consoles, Merch
  30. Evan Welty – Vintage Clothing, Gaming, Retro Games
  31. Gamesturz – Gaming, Retro & New Games, Consoles, Merch
  32. Hidden Block Games – Gaming, Retro & Modern, Pokémon
  33. Firefly Pops – Funko Pops
  34. BigBoy Gaming – TCG, Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh
  35. Rachel Gargano – Pokémon, Toys, Geek Merch
  36. Patrick Bowman – TCG, Pokémon, Comics, Yu-Gi-Oh
  37. Direwolf Comics – Comics, 3D Printing, Indie Books
  38. Extra Life Raleigh- Durham Guild – Gaming Charity 
  39. Triangle Interactive Arts Collective – Indie Game Developers, Artists
  40. Chris’ Pokémon & Sports Memorabilia – TCG, Pokémon, Sports Merch
  41. Chris’ Pokémon & Sports Memorabilia – TCG, Pokémon, Sports Merch
  42. Heather Kent – Gaming, Retro & Modern, Misc

Pro Sponsor For The Game & Geek Expo

Food & Drinks Details

Food and drinks as well as a walk-up bar are located near the main lobby area. It’s located to the right of the front doors of the conference center. Look for the sign near the entrance of the conference center where you checked in at for directions. 

ATM Available

There is an ATM machine located in the main lobby near the elevators. 

Wifi Is Available For FREE

Esports Tournament Details

The Esports Tournament is organized by Oak City Esports. Players needed to pre-register for this tournament. Registration for the tournament will close once the max number of participants has been reached.

  • Guilty Gear Strive
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ
  • Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
  • Street Fighter V
  • Tekken 7
  • King of Fighters XV
  • Samurai Shodown
  • Double Elimination

  • 2/3 Rounds per Game(3/5 rounds for Tekken), 3v3 for KOFXV

  • 2/3 Games per Set(3/5 for Strive)

  • 3/5 Games for Winners, Losers & Grand Finals

  • Winner of prior game must keep same character, Loser of prior game player may switch character

  • BRING YOUR OWN CONTROLLER, we are limited on extra controllers. If it is a wireless controller, please disconnect your controller when you are finished playing.

Schedule(subject to change):

  • 10am Doors open
  • 11am: Samurai Shodown
  • 12pm: Guilty Gear Strive/Dragon Ball FighterZ
  • 1pm King of Fighters XV
  • 2pm: Street Fighter V
  • 3pm: Tekken 7/Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
  • 6pm: Doors close


Gaming Stations Details

The gaming stations are set up and provided by Raleigh Retro Gamers members. Thank you to Heather Kent, Ryan McIntee, Will Smitka, Cozz E Tripp, and David Klingler. These systems are FREE for anyone to play.

These are the systems that will be set up to play. 
Sega Master System with Multicart (Composite)
2 x Sega Genesis Model 1 with Multicart (RGB)
Sega Genesis Model 3 with Altered Beast (Composite)
3 x Super Nintendo with Multicart (RGB)
Super Nintendo with Multicart (S-Video)
Super Nintendo Model 2 with Multicart (Composite)
2 x NES with Multicarts (Composite)
PC Engine with Multicart (Composite)
Atari 2600 Heavy Sixer with Multicart (Composite)
Nintendo 64 with Multicart (S-Video)
Nintendo 64 with Multicart (Composite)
N64 with Multicart
Gamecube with SD Loader
Nintendo Gamecube
SES Mini
NES Mini
Genesis Mini
2 x Switch w/ Windjammers, Mario Party, Mario Kart, and Smash
Xbox 360 w/ Guitar Hero