RSVP Vendor

* This event is at capacity for vendors - RRG Open Market - Sign Up

Thank you for your interest in selling your items at an RRG Open Market. For these markets, we do not require you to submit a vendor application as they are open to anyone who is selling gaming or geek-related items. However, we still need to know who is coming so we can plan a layout and if we need to communicate with you before or after the event.

For the PNT market, anyone is allowed to set up and sell as long as the items are gaming or geek related. You do not need to be a store or an RRG vendor to sell. You can simply pop your trunk and sell your items, bring a table(s), and tent, if you want etc.  The only thing we ask is that you follow these rules.

– No selling of broken, reproduction, or knock-off items. No ROMS, or bootleg consoles. Items must be geek and gaming related. (We have people who walk around and look for this stuff. Please do not sell any of these items or you may be asked to leave the market.)

– Please be sure to clean up trash and leave the space as you found it.

– Please be kind and respectful to everyone! This means, attendees, RRG staff, shoppers, and other vendors or patrons.

– You are responsible for your own items. Please make sure to secure them and watch them at all times. RRG and the organizers are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

– Please try and limit the space your setup takes up to 2 parking spaces. (We have flexibility here as it’s a large open parking lot)

– Lastly, have fun! We want these markets to be a fun place for the community to buy, sell, and trade their items.