Rules For RRG Facebook Group

Facebook Group Rules

Hi everyone, welcome to Raleigh Retro Gamers. I hope that you enjoy your time in the group and manage to make a few new friends and are able to help each other with collections. We would like to outline a few rules to start (may change when necessary) in order to maintain the best experience for all.

1. Do not be toxic at all. This includes rude comments, racism (instant ban), scamming, bullying, price shaming, degrading comments, excessive vulgar language, or anything along those lines. We will treat some of these situations on a case to case basis, but we do not plan to have wiggle room under certain situations, but we will examine each case when necessary to create the best group possible.

2. No promotion without asking for admin permission first. We would rather not have the group’s feed fill up with ads as we feel it takes away a bit from the community. In most cases, ads will likely be fine, but constant promotion can get in the way of other’s posts.

3a. You may buy, sell, and trade in this group. All sales must have a price listed (no fishing for higher prices). No requesting PayPal friends and family payment, only goods and services in order to add security. (Note: if you and buyer work out a F&F deal the group is not responsible, if the deal goes bad you CANNOT get a refund if the seller decides not to honor the deal. Paypal is only 3% fee, don’t risk getting scammed). Please be respectful to all in the deal and be sure everyone is comfortable in the deal. It’s recommended you include your name and date on sales posts if you’re new or the item exceeds $100 in order to provide proof that they are yours. Also, for high dollar or rare titles, it may be helpful to provide board pictures when possible to add credibility.

3b. If you are caught using stock images, or images from the internet as your own on sales posts (unless clearly marked the item in the picture is not yours and only for reference) then the post will be deleted and you are subject to being banned. This type of activity is usually the first sign of a scam.

3c.  The group, its admins/mods, and its members are not responsible for any deal gone wrong. Any deals you are making with people from this group are between those parties. We can not monitor everything that’s going on behind the scenes. However, we do everything within reason to ensure scammers or people looking to take advantage of others are not a part of this community. If you feel like you’re being scammed or if someone has not upheld their end of a deal let an admin/mod know. We will treat the cases on an as-needed basis. Note: We can’t guarantee a resolution in your favor as we can only mediate so please do your research or ask for references before entering a deal.

4. No raffles, auctions, mystery boxes, etc. This also includes sales of pre-order and scalping sales. (If you have any questions about this feel free to reach out to an admin or mod).

5. No undercutting deals. This will get you on the admin watchlist when we’re made aware of it. Feel free to claim behind someone who is making a deal for something you would like, but do not try and buy it out from underneath them. All cases will be reviewed on a case by case basis. 

6. You may post anything video game-related on this page. This includes art, mods, customs, etc. Please avoid posting anything else on this page though. We would like to keep this focused on video games and possibly vintage toys when seen fit.

Feel free to ask an admin or mod any questions you may have, and we will try and get back to you as soon as possible. These rules may be adjusted from time to time (we will post when there is an update) as stuff may always come up. We hope everyone will be able to have some fun, make some friends, and make some deals.