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Welcome to the ultimate battleground for gamers! This is the page where champions are made. Sign up now for our exhilarating esports gaming tournament and showcase your skills to the community. Don’t miss your chance to compete, conquer, and claim glory. Join us in the virtual arena where every move counts and only the best emerge victorious!

RRG Summer Expo - June 15th

The gaming tournaments will be run by Amazulu Gaming.  

Free Entry!

There is no cost to play in these tournaments. This is a casual fun tournament. However, there will be prizes in the form of gift cards for 1st and 2nd place in each game. There will also be additional swag and prizes given out. 

More Details

The tournaments will be held during the RRG Summer Expo on June 15th in Moore Square Park in Downtown Raleigh. The tournament area will be set up near the free play stations. 

Location is: 201 S Blount St, Raleigh, NC 27601

Times: Exact times TBA – The Expo is from 10am-4pm. The tournaments will start after 11am.

Rules for the tournament:

1) Stocks – 3
2) Time Limit – 7 minutes
3) No items
4) Stage Hazards – off
5) Final Smash Meter – off
6) Spirits – off
7) Competitive stages only; example – Battlefield, Final Destination, Pokemon Stadium, Smashville, and Town
and City

Rules for the tournament:

1) Tournament Mode Default Settings
2) 3/5 Rounds per Game
3) 2/3 Games per Set
4) 3/5 Games for Winners, Losers & Grand Finals
5) Random stage select for Game 1
6) Winner of previous game must keep same character
7) Loser of previous game may switch stage (with same character) or switch character (with random stage)
8) There will be no customizing of colors, names, or items at any time before or during a tournament match. Any player
that does so will be given a loss of round.

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