Hi! Here you will find vendor requirements and guidelines that must be followed and accepted in order to participate in OUR events.
We say “OUR” because we are a part of a community. We’re growing this community together and the standards that we create will pave the way for future vendors and attendees alike.

Our goal is to provide great events, value, and a fun and inviting atmosphere for everyone involved.

We want to partner with YOU to make the event the best it can be. By paying your vendor fee you’re not only securing a space at the event, but you’re also buying promotion for your brand or business. We promote everyone we work with in our marketing efforts by sharing your name, links, and anything else we deem necessary to promote you to the general public and our community.

Thank you for applying to partner with us!


  • Raleigh Retro Gamers LLC, its partners, venues, or others can be referred to as event management set forth herein.
  • Event management reserves the right to refuse the application of any company or individual
  • Event management reserves the right to amend or change these guidelines at any time
  • Your spot is not secured until you receive an approval email after submitting your application AND the vendor fee is paid (if applicable). Once accepted to participate, Terms and Conditions are binding unless otherwise waived in writing.
  • Event management reserves the right to change the setup and/or event times due to weather or any other unforeseen conditions
  • Vendor fees are non-refundable. In some cases, they may be used as credit to a similar event.


  1. Absent extreme, severe weather, the event will not be canceled
  2. The decision to cancel the event is at the sole discretion of event management
  3. It is the responsibility of the Vendor to monitor the weather and check in with event management if they are unsure of how the event may be impacted
  4. Refunds may be refunded or credited if Event is canceled due to things outside of our control.

Application Process:

Application Deadlines:

Applications close 1 days before event date in some cases, others may have a posted end date,  or until fully booked.

You must carry the proper licenses, insurance, and tax ID for your business.

It is the responsibility of the individual business or individual to obtain appropriate licenses, collect sales tax and pay federal, state, and local taxes and comply with all applicable rules and regulations for being a merchant.

NC Tax ID: (Also called Certificate of Registration, or NCDOR Account Id)

You may be asked to provide a NC Tax ID to be a vendor for events in which goods are sold. Please visit the NCDOR website to obtain a FREE NC Tax ID by filling out the online business registration form. NC requires this if you are an individual (sole proprietorship) or a business.  It’s up to the vendor to know what they need for their own tax purposes so please do your research. You can sign up for a FREE ID here: NCDOR

Application Qualifications:

  1. On trend products or service (must be gaming or geek culture related)
  2. Positive attitude
  3. Willingness to complete vendor application
  4. Co-promotion of the event
  5. Willingness to comply with Rules, Regulations and Rental Agreement

Submission of the vendor application does not mean the vendor has been accepted for the requested date or any dates in the future. You will be notified of your application status typically within 7-10 business days of your submitted application (Monday through Friday) if you are ACCEPTED for an event. However, depending on how far the event is out, it may take longer to hear back. Availability is limited. Exact spaces are not guaranteed, we will work with the venue to ensure space is available for all vendors but exact location is subject to availability and layout. If you are not accepted you will remain on our potential vendor list and may be considered for future events. 


When you submit your Application, you acknowledge having read and reviewed these Terms and Conditions, which set forth the terms and conditions applicable to merchants at the Pop-Up Market, Expo, or Event i.e. operating hours, permitted merchandise and onsite services. The Terms and Conditions shall automatically become a binding legal agreement between you and Raleigh Retro Gamers LLC upon your acceptance as a vendor. Do not submit an application if you do not agree to these terms and conditions.

  • No selling of reproductions, bootleg, or fake items. No ROMS or pirated software is allowed. (If you are caught doing this you will not be asked back)
  • Do not sell broken or untested items (we keep a record of each vendor and if someone is unhappy with a purchase you will be notified)
  • Vendors should conduct themselves professional and courteous to venue staff, market shoppers and other vendors, disrespecting another person will be in direct violation of market standards and may result in revoking of merchant privileges.
  • Failure to comply with the rules and regulations may result in suspension or revocation of corresponding merchant privileges.
  • Vendors are responsible for cleaning their space when the event closes.
  • Vendors MUST arrive prepared, early and ready for operation at the start of the event
  • Please do not arrive sooner than what you’re told in the vendor email. In most cases the venue will not know what to tell you to do if you arrive before the organizers.
  • We send out surveys to attendees and vendors after events. If we receive complaints you may be banned or suspended from future events without notice.

Booth and vendor fees (if applicable to the event):

  • Vendor fees are due once you are approved for an event and are first come first serve, fee must be paid in full or the booth will be forfeited to other vendors.
  • Vendor fees may vary according to location, and venue requirements (note: additional guidelines may be added per location or venue standards).
  • Fees are only refundable in the event of an emergency, in the event of bad weather if event is postponed, fees may roll over to next venue as long as market price is the same, if not then a credit will be due to vendor or vice versa.

Please note: Being accepted as a vendor does not secure your space. Your space is not secured until vendor fee is paid in full!

Notice, that failure to uphold these guidelines may result in the vendor not being invited to additional events.

Booth Space:

Vendor booth is 10×10 standard size (unless stated otherwise) for canopy space; food trucks have different space size per their truck dimensions.

Vendors may be able to purchase more than one space, depending on the venue, and if event management allows it.

All vendors are required to bring their own tents, tables and linen or tablecloths (unless otherwise stated).

If setting up a tent/canopy, you must bring weights to secure it. We are all required to adhere to safety measures, and tents are dangerous in the wind. Failure to provide weights of at least 50lbs may result in you being asked to leave without a refund. (Stakes or drilling may not be allowed)

  • Electricity ranges by venue, if booth has electricity, vendors are required to comply with safety guidelines and tape down all wiring and extension cords so they are not a tripping hazard.
  • Signage is allowed in and in front of booth, may not be placed in the way of traffic.
  • Food trucks and vendors must place tables and chairs directly in front of their space only.
  • All vendors are responsible of disposing of their own trash, and must do so in the designated areas allowed in the venue.


We make the floor plan prior to the event based on the particular mix of merchants booked. We will do our best to accommodate any special requests, but do not guarantee a particular type of space or location at the market. (unless otherwise stated)

  • Vendors must check in with staff prior to setting up to receive their assigned space (there will be someone on-site directing you)
  • Spaces may be assigned on a first come first serve basis or in an order the event management chooses
  • Vendors must bring their own setup, tables, racks, and extension cords etc.
  • For outdoor spaces, vendors should come properly prepared to withstand any weather conditions throughout the course of the Event
  • Your space must be set up and ready by event start time
  • If you arrive after event start time, you may not be allowed to setup.

You are solely responsible for your belongings. Raleigh Retro Gamers LLC, its partners, and the venue are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. Please ensure your items are properly secured and cared for during the entire event. We recommend carrying insurance on your items and in some cases may require liability insurance on your business to participate. 


Please begin packing out no earlier than the posted end time of the event and take all belongings with you when you leave the market.

  • Breakdown may begin 30 minutes before event end time but please do not break down tents or tables until the posted end time
  • Vendors who leave prior to event end time may be banned from future events.
  • You must dispose of all trash or materials around your space. It should be left the same way you found it when you arrived. Failure to properly clean your area may result in being banned from future events.


Our marketing includes mixed methods such as PR, advertising, social media, eblasts, and more. Raleigh Retro Gamers LLC makes a significant marketing effort in order to spread the word, invite the public, and create opportunities for success at each marketplace. We create flyers and secure partnerships with publications, other businesses, local news media etc. We also rely on the vendors and brands we partner with to promote to their fans as well, it takes a village! Vendors are asked to help with marketing efforts by sharing info about the event on social media and with their friends and family.


  • Engage with your customers, even when it’s slow! Each person that passes through is a potential customer. Say hello, start a conversation, and share the story behind your collection or brand.
  • Positive thoughts = Positive reality. Stay positive.
  • Network! Believe it or not, some businesses thrive off of pop-ups. Connect with your peers and build community relationships!

The outcome of each brand/vendors experience is beyond our control. There are no guarantees on the amount of people attending or the amount of sales you will have. We do believe Pop Up Markets, Expos, Esports, and other events are an amazing way to receive real-time feedback about your brand. It also allows you to network with like-minded entrepreneurs, and make some sales. It is our stance to PARTNER with you on the event to make it the best it can be. We promote your business through our marketing efforts and want to see you exceed your goals! 


We’re looking forward to a great event! Thank you for partnering with us.

For questions,  email us at [email protected]