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Do you like video games? Do you like comedy? Retro Bits is a unique comedy show where some of Raleigh’s best comedians are going to play some of the WORST video games ever made. We might rage quit. We might scream. We might throw a controller. You can even participate and get in on the action.

Hosted by Brian McGuinness & Raleigh Retro Gamers, join us for this unique and hilarious show where comedians play terrible video games and riff on them throughout the night. Brian McGuinness is a 20-year stand-up comedy veteran and a 40-ish-year video game player. He loves great games and tortures himself by playing a lot of bad games too for some reason.

Also appearing on stage our special guest and gaming pioneer Cliff Bleszinski! You may know Cliff from his work on Gears of War while at Epic Games his recent work on Broadway, and his new comic book series Scrapper. 

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind event at Raleigh’s famous Goodnights Comedy Club!


When: Sunday, July 14th 
Where: Goodnights Comedy Club
Address: 401 Woodburn Rd Raleigh NC 27605
Time: 5pm-7pm


  • June 29, 2024


    i wish it was longer,2 hours is too short for this kind of event, would gladly pay up to 50$ if it was at least 5 hours like the other free events you guys do.

    • June 30, 2024

      RRG Jeff

      Hi Nicholas, this is a comedy show. It is not like the other Expos, Pop-Up Markets etc we do. Comedians will be playing video games and commentating on the action. Goodnights charges a venue fee for their shows that’s why you need a ticket.

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