raleigh retro gamers 2020

Hi all, we wanted to touch base with everyone and let you know how things have been going. We have not had any trade events or meetups since back in March before COVID. We are eagerly anticipating when we’ll be able to schedule another event. As of now, we don’t have any official dates but that could all change soon. It’s our hope that we can get back to doing what we love sooner than later. Stay tuned to our website, Facebook group (private but anyone can join), and Instagram for any new developments. We will keep all 3 of these channels updated for upcoming events. In addition to a new website layout we’re adding new features, one feature that just rolled out is a Forum. Yes, a forum! Before social media, this is how we communicated on the internet. The Forum will hopefully be a place where members or visitors can come find something useful. Whether it be retro gaming discussions, items for sale, or just a place to read up on the latest topics. Raleigh Retro Gamers members are a diverse group and some members have other retro gaming related channels and websites that we want you to check out. We’ll be featuring some of that content from members on our website. Whether that is articles, YouTube videos, reviews, etc or a combination of it all. So if you have not already, register on the site! That will give you access to the Forum and our mailing list. Also, be sure to follow our social channels. Stay tuned and happy gaming!

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